Friday, 10 February 2012

Oleario, Umberto Curti's DOP blog

Gourmet Liguria announces the birth of Oleario - - , a blog entirely dedicated to olives and oil, the Mediterranean (and Ligurian) gifts of nature that become both taste and health.

The Italian Riviera features excellent DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin) extra virgin olive oils.

This new "oil blog" represents a further stage in the rich enogastronomic panorama based on the Ligucibario website. Ligucibario, the vastest on line database dedicated to Ligurian enogastronomy, is integrated by a range of theme blogs such as Liguvinario, which ranks 5th among Italian Wine blogs, and Liguricettario, focusing on the recipes and ingredients of the Ligurian cuisine, described also by 19th century cookbooks .

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