Monday, 12 March 2012

Ligucibario on show during the Salone Agroalimentare di Finalborgo (SV)

The 8th edition of the Salone Agroalimentare di Finalborgo (SV) – 16th – 18th March 2012 – is the ideal occasion to meet Ligucibario® and get plenty of information and previews about gourmet courses, events and pubblications. The Salone, which takes place in the magnificent spaces of the monumental complex of Santa Caterina – is a connoisseur’s itinerary amongst Liguria's food & wine excellences. Thus, a miss-not opportunity to get together with Ligucibario®’s blog fans as well as with all those who are interested in the good, the beautiful and the… Mediterranean. Previews include anticipations on the Laboratori del Gusto (Taste Labs) that Ligucibario® has been developing in collaboration with its qualified partners – wine lectures on the oenology of the Italian Riviera, hands on experiences for the gourmet traveller (both Italian and foreigner) ranging from stockfish to focaccia genovese, mortar sauces and chocolate- as well as details about services expressly planned for Horeca professionals.
Last but not least, save the date and join Ligucibario® on Sunday 18th at 17.30 (Area Eventi, Sala della Piramide) for the presentation of Umberto Curti’s Focaccia, farinata and finger food, storie di Liguria, ricette, strade… the volume he wrote on occasion of the LIGURIA: SONNE UND GESCHMACK project, financed by Regione Liguria - Liguria International. the event will be enriched by a guided tasting of Ligurian focacce and breads, “accompanied” by the innovative Focaccia Genovese tasting sheet created by the Author.

Luisa Puppo, Ligucibario