Ligucibario -

Ligucibario ( is an extensive on line atlas-database dedicated to “Made in Liguria” enogastronomy, created by essayist and foo&wine blogger Umberto Curti.

Click your way through more than 1,000 items (from acciuga to zimino) and enjoy the bounty of the terroir. The “Alfabeto del Gusto” (Gourmet alphabet) is an A – Z encyclopaedia dedicated to the food, wine and oil of Liguria, the homeland of the Mediterranean diet. Explore the history of the region’s gastronomy and oenology, an amazing universe of culture, rurality, folklore and recipes. Discover their everlasting connection with local geography, a unique mix of luminous seashores and verdoyant entroterra.

Ligucibario is a celebration of conviviality and gastrosophy.
Promoting traditional dishes and ingredients means to preserve them through a day-by-day effort to save our gourmet heritage from extinction. Passion and commitment are the guidelines of our work. Join us in the search for quality craftsmen, choice tables, local traditional products, connoisseur destinations and accommodation, events, tastings and news (not to forget about gourmet-oriented books and film reviews). Enter this open lab and plan your own exploration itinerary – amateur, professional, journalist, teacher…

Ligucibario is a state of mind – and a way of life as well.
Independent: reviews are not for sale – they are earned.
Rigorous: respect and loyalty to the terroir are our guiding stars
Creative: the celebration of ancient rites and lores calls for the modern language and philosophy of the Internet.

Last but not least, Ligucibario is the most effective way to practice your Italian while satifying your gourmet appetite for culture!

Luisa Puppo